Minerals & Mining
Minerals & Mining

Minerals & Mining

Filter presses are commonly used from bulk mining to metallurgical processing. The wide process variability of Chamber and Membrane Filter Presses is a big advantage compared to other types of dewatering equipment. Nowadays the base material is processed to significant finer material grades to obtain a more efficient exploration. The dewatering technology must be adapted accordingly. OFS offers the right dewatering technology for each suspension characteristic. With filtration pressures up to 60 bar even very demanding slurries can be dewatered by OFS filter presses.

In metallurgical processes an efficient filter cake washing can have the same priority as the final product moisture. OFS Membrane Filter Presses not only secure optimum product quality. Thanks to innovative process control system wash water consumption can be considerably decreased.

Examplary applications:
  • Sand and gravel
  • Kaolin
  • Cement
  • Bauxite
  • Coal
  • Concentrates (Iron, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, Zinc)
  • Rare earth
  • Tailing management
  • Metallurgical processes